managed services

Texum has a proven program called "Managed Services" that leverages technical expertise and strict escalation processes to help you manage and grow your organization at the same time.

The challenges of many organizations today is that they do not have the necessary IT staff to plan administer and support today's complex multi-technology IT infrastructure.
Most organizations lack the diversified technical expertise necessary to manage the complex technologies in today's typical technical infrastructure.
The dilemma is that service levels have become increasingly more important, while maintaining or reducing IT cost structure is also critical or mandatory.
Managers want reliable and cost-effective information systems.

The only way to achieve the necessary level of service that can be cost-effectively managed is to proactively plan and manage your IT infrastructure. Texum offers a proactive IT management service that provides:

  • Superior IT capabilities
  • Uncompromised Service Levels
  • Superior Support Level Objectives
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Texum does this by leveraging best practice processes, a large technical team and using technology to automate many of the routine administration tasks.
Through these capabilities, Texum is able to recommend the best IT infrastructure for your organization, manage the infrastructure proactively to maximize service levels and minimize business disruption/risk and solve problems efficiently when they do occur.

Texum will assign a senior level systems administrator to serve as your systems administrator (SA) and a project manager to manage your IT systems and projects. Finally, our fully staffed help desk is able to provide unlimited help desk support for your employees.

Our investment in technology monitoring and management solutions put us in a position to automate many of the routine administrative tasks. We do all of this for a fixed monthly fee, which ensures that we have incentive to resolve problems quickly for you.